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The most successful businesses have easily recognizable names that customers can connect with. Let us help you select a name that is right for you and ripe with possibility.

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Built around the word "launch," this straightforward name is tailor-made to evoke explosive kick-starting potential. ...



Based on the word "progress," this sophisticated name is tailor-made for businesses looking to convey growth and optim...



Built around the word "innovation," this creatively crafted name is perfect for businesses that emphasize progress and...



Built around the word "infinite," this powerful, high-flying name is perfect for businesses looking to evoke vastness....



Crafted around "vov," meaning "vowed to" in Latin, this exquisite name carries itself with sophistication and confiden...



A strong combination of "advertisement" and "rock" perfect for companies specializing in media and marketing. It's th...



A catchy name inspired by "stride". Stridigo is confident and bold, striding towards the future with drive and purpose...



A snappy combo of "quick" and "backer" that combines ideas of efficiency and speed with support. Quickbacker suggests ...



A clever match up of "talk" and "dove" with a likable and talkative character. Talkdove is a smart fit for a diverse r...



This speedy and mobile name gives flight to digital documents and storage in the cloud.



A form of the pop-culture reference to "cryptex,” denoting a portable vault used to hide secret messages. An intellige...



A fun and amusing name derived from the phrase "bidding maniac.” The explosion of online auction or gambling apps mak...



A tech-savvy and futuristic name based on the word "code,” referring to computer language. Perfect for companies on t...



Based on the word "crypt,” as in "encryption,” making this name perfect for companies that offer data encryption or i...



A unique, artistic name that is free of prior associations and ready to become yours. Take advantage of its techy fee...



A vibrant, energetic name that is built upon the combination of "toro,” like "tornado” and form of "dynamic.” Perfect ...



A respectful and spiritual name based on "Zion,” the hill of Jerusalem on which the city of David was built. Perfect ...



Crafted around the word "solar," this name draws its power from the sun. It's a seamless fit for a business or organi...



A sophisticated name that brings to mind the infinity symbol. It's a strong brand that conveys sophistication and int...



A catchy mix of "innovation" and "swipe". Innoswipe is modern and inventive, offering great potential for a broad rang...



A strong combination of the words "staff" and "arrow". Staffarrow evokes excellent ideas of capable professionalism an...



An unique take on the word "slight". Slightt has a calm and elegant character that's ideal for health or lifestyle bra...



A stylish play on the word "variation". Variationn offers great associations of diversity, flexibility and ingenuity.



A smart mix of "game" and "collaboration". Gamecollab is a fantastic media focused name promising inclusive and suppor...



A perfect name for companies designed to help start-ups get off the ground and establish a solid base from which to o...



An elegant name with a fun and rhythmic sound. Its repeating syllables makes it the perfect fit for companies passion...



A beautiful brand built from the same root as "illuminate." It shares a sophisticated suffix with "Polaris."



A confident, assertive, and commanding name suggestive of either "authentic” or "authority.” Ideal for companies with ...



A straightforward combination between two recognizable words in "sonic" and "dot," this name is cool and respectable. ...



Uplifting brand inspired by Vitality (strong, active) and Aspire (ambitions toward achievement). Perfect for many ind...



Fusing "huge" and "forge", this name delivers a powerful creative force. Hugeforge is a strong and inspiring name that...



A sophisticated name molded from the same root as the word "publish." It's the perfect brand for businesses looking f...



A forward-thinking, contemplative name derived from the combination of "Zen,” a state of enlightenment and awareness a...



Built around the word "fresh," this innovative brand brings to mind delicious groceries and pure air. It carries a bo...



A contemporary and trendy name that is reminiscent of the increasingly relevant term "new age.” Can apply to any compa...



Intuitive brand inspired by Social (social networking, social skills), this brand effectively communicates its forte w...



Appealing brand with an international flair. Based on Rojo (red in Spanish), this bright global brand is ready for an...



A creative and unique name without any prior associations. Vaguely reminiscent of "viva,” a cry of exclamation. Tell y...



Launch into orbit with this awe-inspiring, astral name. Ideal for businesses in aerospace, travel, adventure, research...



Reminiscent of the word "express,” giving this name the ability to portray you as a swift, progressive, and proficient...



A sharp and edgy name that utilizes the power of the "z” sound to create a memorable and distinctive persona. A mallea...



A lively and celebratory name that is a combination of the words "jubilee,” meaning "special event” and "festive,” mea...



An intelligent and progressive name derived from the combination of "quanta,” referring to quantity and "max,” as in "...



A intelligent and financially-savvy name that is built on "capital.” Perfect for companies that assist customers in r...



A diligent and conscientious name based on the words "maintenance” or "maintain.” A perfect moniker for companies ded...



A luminous name fusing "sun" and "nuoveau" - the French word for "new." It carries a gorgeous, sophisticated vibe per...



A ritzy name that revels in beauty, elegance and fashion. It's a catchy, straightforward brand that's effortlessly me...



A crafty portmanteau that conjures images of a powerful robot roaming the premises. It's a strong name that conveys s...



A cool version of "launch tech" perfect for a gung-ho start-up brimming with energy. It's trendy, hip and catchy.



A powerful name that conveys peak performance and maximum performance. The letter "z" gives it an attractive high-oct...



A visual name that paints a gorgeous picture of blue skies and wispy clouds. It's the perfect business name for compa...



A strong name that commands attention. Use it to show customers and competitors you're in charge of the industry and ...



A spirited name that plays on the word "launch." It has a dynamic, high-energy sound that brings to mind a space shut...



Built around the word "pick," this charming name is designed for modern businesses and start-ups. Its suffix makes it...



A secure name with a technical edge. It's the perfect fit for companies revolutionizing mobile security and technolog...



Built around the word "private," this powerful name is perfect for companies passionate about security and data protec...



Reminiscent of "generate," this bold brand is perfect for companies developing next-level technology. Its suffix carr...



A well-organized name that plays on the word "packed." It conveys readiness, responsibility and strength.



A quirky three-syllable name with a whimsical and entertaining pronunciation. It takes after the Google model by empl...




A smart combination of "why" and "searcher". Whysearcher holds unique promise for a diverse array of services from pri...



An evocative and sleek invention using the word "wallet". Walletswan offers excellent appeal for cryptocurrency servic...



A short and modern name using the word "cast". Castzo is a smart and appealing choice for media producers and publishe...



A creative riff on the word "Santa" with plenty of festive cheer. Sannta evokes thoughts of the holidays and good time...



A creative reworking of the word "exhale" that adds a modern twist. Exxale is a versatile brand with great potential f...



An imaginative combination of "pair" and "artificial". Pairtificial holds unique promise for a diverse array of scient...



A snappy and easy to remember combo of "more and count". Morecount builds on unique associations of numbers and financ...



A catchy fusion og "send" and "engineer". Sendgineer delivers excellent potential for a wide array of logistics and te...



A clever and memorable invention that merges the words "expensive" and "spend". Exspendsive is a smart match for delux...



A concise and modern invention with a classy character. Qolare is a versatile brand, well situated for a broad variety...



A sleek mix of the words "last and merger". Lastmerger has a professional sound with a great appeal for industry-leadi...



A catchy name fusing the words "more" and "take". Moretake promises to expand your share of the profits, a smart fit f...



A distinctively memorable name with a smooth and sleek appeal. Larera is versatile and dynamic, ideal for a wide varie...



A lovely invention blending the words "new & pure". Nepura is an easy fit for a broad array of beauty products or heal...



A smooth and evocative name inspired by the word "fresh". Freshae is a perfect choice for a diverse set of services fr...



A smart combination of the words "word" and "brave". Wordbrave is a confident media focused brand that's ready to spea...



A delightful mix of "mingle" and "charm". Minglecharm delivers a great focus on sociability that makes it ideal for da...



A smart mix of "floor" and "fund". Floorfund offers a unique financial focus, ideal for crowdsourcing platforms, inves...



A lyrical mix of "beau" and "find". Beaufind is a distinctive socially focused brand with unique potential for matchma...



A smart and memorable take on the word "employment". Himployment delivers a unique focus on jobs and productivity that...



A distinctive riff on the word "employ". Himploy offers a keen focus for a broad range of employment and recruitment a...



A unique fusion of the words "you, self and serve". Youselfserve is instantly memorable with diverse potential for a b...



A clever take on the word "plan". Plandora is a great fit for a wide variety of planning oriented brands, from project...



A short and snappy name inspired by "application". Appska is a fantastic fit for app developers, tech gadgets and prod...



A unique name playing on the word "optimal". Optimaa is a stand out brand for businesses offering optimal solutions in...



A zesty name full of life and vigor. Vivatto lives on the edge, a fantastic match for creative media brands or enterta...



A smart and catchy invention with musically inspired flair. Rockappella is brash and dynamic, a versatile name with ex...



A simple and concise name using the phrase "rent my PC". Rentmypc is clear and straightforward, with unique value for ...



A catchy and fun name that makes reference to "kibitz" meaning informal chatting or gossiping. Kibbits has a great soc...



A fun and quirky name that's instantly appealing and memorable. Bipples his charming and catchy, a perfect fit for chi...



A smart and inventive name with a classic and credible sound. Vedious offers varied potential ideal for video and medi...



A slick and authoritative sounding name with a strong character. Brances is bold and assertive, the perfect choice for...



adam smith

Emily R.

"I had a tough time trying to acquire a domain that fit with the business I was starting. That was until I found a great site, Brandroot, that provided many options to choose from. I found the perfect name for my business and Michael from Brandroot was very easy to work with and assisted me in redesigning the logo as I wasn't too fond of the current one. Overall experience was a very positive one. I definitely recommend Brandroot over its competitors."

adam smith

Arnoldo V.

"This was my first time buying a brand name online. It has been a wonderful experience at Brandroot. The process of getting a business name, domain and logo has been very smooth and easy. It took about 15 minutes to get everything completed! I highly recommend their service. Thank you Brandroot for all of your help! Look forward to working with you again in the future."

adam smith

Sunny E.

"We had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve – a name that reflected unlocking the potential of an individual / group and taking an objective point of view. We achieved this with Brandroot when we found Mentisa, which is a combination of ‘mentis’ (of mind) and an appended ‘a’ from ‘archimedean point’ (a hypothetical vantage point from which an observer can objectively perceive the subject of inquiry). This works well for us."

adam smith

Brian H.

"After working months with brand experts, we decided on the theme, values, and vibe we wanted, but we couldn't nail down the hardest part: the name. We went to Brandroot with a vision and clear understanding around our offering and mission. From there, it was like shooting a basketball on a rim the circumference of a trampoline. The hardest (and most expensive) part of the process, finding the name, was waiting for us after we brainstormed our brand, mission, and values."

adam smith

Jeff F.

"Very helpful and friendly service. I have purchased 4 names from these guys with no issue. Brandroot has been my goto for startup names and even business ideas. They make the process of finding a name not only simple but fun and rewarding. I receive same-day responses to emails I send them and always get an answer to my phone call inquiries. I've always been very pleased with their service and always looking forward to browsing their names for my next business venture. I can't recommend them enough! Thanks Brandroot for another smooth transaction and helpful experience!"

adam smith

Geronimo P.

"I spent 3 weeks searching for the right name for my new company, which was a very tough and impracticable job. That is until I found Brandroot. The job turned into a very quick and clean process and was completed on the same day that I found them. My customer service rep provided amazing customer service. I am not a tech savvy person so he walked me through the entire domain transfer process over the phone and through email and was there whenever I needed him. Brandroot, as well as their customer service, is totally trustworthy, responsive and thorough! Finding the right name and going through the process of transferring is not an easy thing for new business owners. Work with Brandroot! They will take care of you!"


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