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A confident combo of "treasure" and "slots". Treasureslots is exciting and catchy, promising unlimited riches with the...



A clever fusion of "music" and "vast". Musicvast offers fantastic ideas of music and song, perfect for a broad variety...



A stylish name inspired by the word "fluid". Fluiva is sleek and elegant with great potential for a variety of health ...



A distinctive name combining "house" and "upon". Houseupon conjures unique ideas of quaint homes and serene gardens id...



A smart combo of "travel and "Gainer. Travelgainer is confident and ambitious, ideal for innovative travel application...



A snappy mix of "sketch" and "tap". Sketchtap adds a clever technological spin on ideas of creativity and innovative d...



This quality brand mixes "promo" and "leap" for a superb dynamic effect. Promoleap is a great fit for a variety of dif...



A brawny and bold combo of "crate" and "titan" with an outsized and lively persona. Cratetitan is an expansive name, a...



A distinctive play on the word "automatic" with a modern sound and an intelligent persona. Automatro offers unique opp...



An inventive combo of "face" and "clever". Faceclever is intelligent and innovative, offering unique potential for com...



Fusing elegance with a vibrant liveliness, this unique name is a sassy and attractive proposition. Zexera has a unique...



Inspired by the word "agriculture" this name offers a fresh and dynamic feel. Agribound has fantastic value for a dive...



Derived from "astro-", this sleek and angular invention reaches for the stars. Astrexa has a futuristic, technical qua...



A playful and creative take on "tech" that's instantly memorable. Teqaa is an energetic and dynamic sounding name that...



Combining "beacon" with "coins", this name promises lucrative potential. Beaconcoins is a smart fit for a variety of f...



A reliable domain built to convey durability and sturdiness. Its use of the word "armor" allows it to inspire powerfu...



An inspirational name based on the word "risen.” A perfect name for a company whose mission is helping their customers...



A sturdy and robust name based on the word "compliant,” making it ideal for compliance bureaus, regulatory bodies, leg...



A clever derivation of recycling that’s well suited for companies in clean bio-energy and sustainable waste managemen...



Zaprio is clearly derived from "zap," so naturally, this name carries a hefty amount of electricity. Businesses looki...



A fantastic play on the word "sprinter" that evokes speed, agility and constant movement. It's a catchy brand perfect...



A unique combination between "hunger" and "grill," this name was crafted to make the saliva flow. It's unique, catchy...



A rich name emphasizing the word "fitness" perfect for businesses helping clients get in shape. It's catchy, confiden...



A tweak of the familiar word "microscope" that strategically incorporates the unique letter "q." It's a great fit for...



Derived from the word "intuition," this name is professional and sophisticated. Its suffix gives it a very elegant so...



A superb name for businesses building education technology. It's simple, snappy and instantly memorable.



A fun and witty name that rhymes with "zodiac" and "kodiak" (a type of bear). Its roots, however, are derived from th...



A fantastic brand built for companies passionate about optimizing mental performance. Its use of the word "motor" giv...



Built around "lend," this name conveys financial expertise. It shares a suffix with "neuron," giving it an extremely ...



Built around the word "pulse," this elegant name conveys energy and life. It shares a rich suffix with words like "di...



A fabulous name that brings to mind a high-end wedding decked out with amazing decorations. It's a great fit for busi...



Created around the word "hospital," this elegant brand gives off warm healing vibes. Use it to show customers they've...



A strong brand that uses the word "hawk" to convey aggression, power and accuracy. It's a fantastic business name for...



An elevating name with technical connotations. "Boost" gives it a dynamic sound that conveys a sudden increase in som...



This powerful name evokes a strong sense of security. "Genius" gives it an academic and intelligent sound, making it ...



A sophisticated name with strong growth potential. "Bloom" evokes vivid images of wildflowers blossoming in the sprin...



Built around the word "locate," this name conveys expertise in navigation and search. Its suffix gives it a zesty and...



Locate anything with this slick and modern name. "Private" conveys security and protection, making this a highly trus...



A fun name that promises nonstop success. Its use of "bunny" gives it an irresistibly adorable sound.



Blast off to space with this evocative name. It conveys vivid images of space adventures and perilous explorations.



A mysterious and intriguing name with a versatile sound. Its suffix carries an exquisite Spanish pronunciation.



A playful take on the word "snacks" that evokes vivid flavors. Its cutesy suffix gives it a fun start-up sound.



A cleverly memorable riff on the word "track". Trackness conveys unique associations of observation, investigation and...



A clever mix of the words "doctor" and "analytic". Doclytic combines ideas of health and medicine with smart analysis ...



A clever blend of the word "augment" and the suffix "-genic". Augenic offers unique ideas of smart technology and soph...



A smart and memorable play on the word "stock". Stockerr conveys a wide array of superb associations of commerce, trad...



A smart and snappy take on "lend". Lendsia is modern and approachable with great qualities of financial wisdom and str...



A distinctive blend of "bit" and "protector". Bitector has a strong technology infused style with unique associations ...



An energetic and dynamic combination of "air" and "jolt". Airjolt is bold and refreshing, offering an uplifting sense ...



A lovely name that based on "exist". Existero offers a stylishly modern feel that's ideal for a diverse range of brand...



A clever mix of "fund" and "maven". Fundmaven is a savvy financial operator, skilled in finance and profit.



An edgy fusion of "urban" and "dynamic". Urbanamic evokes exciting ideas of trendy urban lifestyles and modern innovat...



A distinctive and unique sounding name with a memorable style. Vuexo has a modern and innovative character, a great fi...



An artful and clever name combining "zen" and "pivot". Zenpivot is elegantly progressive, a fantastic fit for innovati...



A catchy combo of "data" and "penny". Datapenny is a clever and capable name with great potential for finance and tech...



A clever invention combining "reduce" and "city". Reducity calls to mind the phrase "reduce, reuse and recyle", a gree...



A stylish name inspired by "Aphrodite", the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. Aphroditee is elegant and memorable, ide...



This zesty and energetic riff on "pharmacist" promises a modern and dynamic riff on ideas of medicine and healing. Pha...



Combining "start" and "seeker", this name has a positive and motivational feel. Startseeker is an inspirational brand ...




An eye-catching riff on the word "espresso" that conveys vigor and energy. Espreesso offers a dynamic and zesty charac...



A clever mix of the words "horn" and "bull" that implies boldness and confidence. Hornbull is particularly well suited...



A slick mix of "intel" and "pipe" that promises smart data management. Intelpipe is a versatile brand with excellent p...



A sleek and catchy name that promises prosperity and wealth. Buxpay is a smart match for investment services or compan...



A trendy sounding name with plenty of sassy style. Misschica is a fun and flirtatious brand with unique value for fash...



An authoritative name that projects passion and confidence. Biorage is a strong match for a broad variety of health an...



A smart riff on the word "rent" that offers diverse appeal. Rentably is a catchy brand, ideally positioned for a broad...



A stylish name with a crisp and clear pronunciation and sound. Danoka is a great fit for audio and multimedia brands o...



A snappy combination of "unit" and "grid" implying precision and accuracy. Unitgrid is a smart match for companies and...



An intriguing name combining "hyper" and "whale" that conveys excitement and tremendous scale. Hyperwhale is an evocat...



A high-class name combining "real" and "hand". Realhand exemplifies verisimilitude and sophistication, a smart fit for...



A straightforward mix of "end" and "shutdown". Endshutdown is a bold and calculated brand, a precise call to action th...



A stylish play on "Sahara", the largest desert in the world. Saharaa is an evocative name that conjures visions of exo...



A bold and stylish combination of "victory" and "mile". Victorymile exemplifies leadership and dedication, a fantastic...



A zesty fusion of the words "fun" and "bop". Funbop is delightfully appealing, a perfect match for a diverse array of ...



A catchy and appealing play on the "word". Teccie is perfectly suited for innovative technology driven startups and re...



A creative fusion between "cosmo" and "ninja", that's resplendent with vivid imagery. Cosmoninja is the perfect fit fo...



A sleek fusion of "layer" and "pay". Layerpay offers unique appeal for niche payment solutions, ecommerce platforms or...



A linguistically divine invention, this name is an exquisite high class brand. Bonnae is an exceptional match for prem...



A positive name fusing "up" and "apex" that suggests constant improvement and reaching peak potential. Upapex offers g...



A smart and industrious blend of "bench" and "time". Benchtime is all about enabling self-improvement and productivit...



Based on the word "fierce" this is a dynamic and vivid brand with teeth! Fierse suits a varied range of agile and fast...



A catchy fusion of "profit" and "tag". Profittag is a perfect name for commerce focused businesses and platforms enabl...



A catchy and stylish name based on the word "concept". Conceptile is an excellent fit for creative design focused bran...



A catchy name fusing "volt" and "integrity". Voltegra combines sleek modernity with a sense of trust and reliability, ...



A catchy and likable name using the word "cartwheel". Cartwheelz has a fun and funky sound, ideal for media and entert...



A sleek invention borrowing from words like "credit" and "credible". Credular projects a great sense of trust and stab...



A musical name with smart inspirations. Doubleoctave delivers great opportunities for a broad array of music and media...



A modern and dynamic mix of "fluid" and "key". Fluidkey has a sleek and capable edge, always ahead of the curve with f...



A slick combo of "study" and "orbit" that's covered all the angles for smart education. Studyorbit offers fantastic pr...



A sleek and inventive mix of "meta" and "ninja". Metaninja delivers expertise and finely honed skills for the modern e...



A catchy and energetic invention inspired by the word "volley". Volleum combines a dynamic feel with a stylish persona...



adam smith

Emily R.

"I had a tough time trying to acquire a domain that fit with the business I was starting. That was until I found a great site, Brandroot, that provided many options to choose from. I found the perfect name for my business and Michael from Brandroot was very easy to work with and assisted me in redesigning the logo as I wasn't too fond of the current one. Overall experience was a very positive one. I definitely recommend Brandroot over its competitors."

adam smith

Arnoldo V.

"This was my first time buying a brand name online. It has been a wonderful experience at Brandroot. The process of getting a business name, domain and logo has been very smooth and easy. It took about 15 minutes to get everything completed! I highly recommend their service. Thank you Brandroot for all of your help! Look forward to working with you again in the future."

adam smith

Sunny E.

"We had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve – a name that reflected unlocking the potential of an individual / group and taking an objective point of view. We achieved this with Brandroot when we found Mentisa, which is a combination of ‘mentis’ (of mind) and an appended ‘a’ from ‘archimedean point’ (a hypothetical vantage point from which an observer can objectively perceive the subject of inquiry). This works well for us."

adam smith

Brian H.

"After working months with brand experts, we decided on the theme, values, and vibe we wanted, but we couldn't nail down the hardest part: the name. We went to Brandroot with a vision and clear understanding around our offering and mission. From there, it was like shooting a basketball on a rim the circumference of a trampoline. The hardest (and most expensive) part of the process, finding the name, was waiting for us after we brainstormed our brand, mission, and values."

adam smith

Jeff F.

"Very helpful and friendly service. I have purchased 4 names from these guys with no issue. Brandroot has been my goto for startup names and even business ideas. They make the process of finding a name not only simple but fun and rewarding. I receive same-day responses to emails I send them and always get an answer to my phone call inquiries. I've always been very pleased with their service and always looking forward to browsing their names for my next business venture. I can't recommend them enough! Thanks Brandroot for another smooth transaction and helpful experience!"

adam smith

Geronimo P.

"I spent 3 weeks searching for the right name for my new company, which was a very tough and impracticable job. That is until I found Brandroot. The job turned into a very quick and clean process and was completed on the same day that I found them. My customer service rep provided amazing customer service. I am not a tech savvy person so he walked me through the entire domain transfer process over the phone and through email and was there whenever I needed him. Brandroot, as well as their customer service, is totally trustworthy, responsive and thorough! Finding the right name and going through the process of transferring is not an easy thing for new business owners. Work with Brandroot! They will take care of you!"


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