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If you need to name a business, Brandroot is exactly what you are looking for. Brandroot provides a huge visual catalogue of great business names that are ready to meet your needs. When you are naming your business it is the one area you don't expect to spend too much startup cash. If a name isn't being used, you expect it to be available and ready for your taking. We keep the price low so the taking is a lot easier. Kick off your branding right by finding a business name at

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Here are three ideas for naming a business...

Easy Spelling...

Ensure that your prospect name is spelled the same way it is pronounced. Word of mouth is a very common form of marketing, so it is essential that your name can be easily spread vocally. Make it easy for your audience to search and find you by making it easy for people to remember the spelling of your name.

Keep Your Name Short...

There is a reason why 4 letter domain names are so sought after. The shorter the name the easier it is for someone to remember it. Staying within about 8 letters is best, however there is some wiggle room for longer creative names. Names like Trademarkia and Delicious. Also attempt to keep letter usage to a minimum. Repeating letters make for a more memorable name.

No Mix & Mo' Flow...

Never try to be creative with numbers in your business name, like backwards three's. This is just bad judgement and a sign of an inexperienced newbie. You want to avoid that perception... even if you are a newbie.

A name that flows smoothly is much easier to communicate and more fun to relay to others. Word of mouth is your friend. If it doesn't flow, it's gotta go.

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