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X 1278

Gifts business names can be unique, catchy and fun - or elegant and classy. In a sector where the subject at hand involves rewards and entertainment, take advantage of the freedom to customize your brand according to your expertise.


X 1248

A studio is the place when creativity and innovation go to prosper. Giving your business a name that reflects those abilities is vital to attracting and retaining a customer base. A bland and unimaginative name will give your business a bland and unimaginative persona. That just won’t do when it...


X 1242

Law business names need to represent the intelligence and aptitude on which the industry is built. Customers turn to law businesses in a time of need. As such, successful law businesses are the ones that create trust and offer compassionate assistance. A law business name that relates to those a...


X 1240

The print industry has taken a hit with the explosion of the internet. In order to not only survive but to thrive, a print business needs to have a name that attracts attention and lets customers know that you are here to stay. There is still an enormous value in print products, but creativity i...


X 1235

The phone industry is constantly changing and evolving. As such, a phone business needs a name that is indicative of that evolution. Phone business names need to be catchy, creative, and innovative. Anything less will lead customers to believe your company is going to easily get swept up in the ...


X 1224

Vehicles are one of the biggest purchases consumers make. People want reliability, often with a bit of flair. Choosing a name that represents your company as both of these will attract customers and begin the partnership that will ultimately lead to your success. A car business needs a name that...


X 1212

Successful care business names are those that are built around the emotional hallmarks of the industry. Customers look to care businesses for a variety of reasons. As such, a care business name needs to be flexible in order to attract and establish a diverse client base. Businesses that appear t...


X 1199

A hotel business name needs to tap into the customer’s need to be taken care of while away from the comfort and security of their own home. Whether people are vacationing or traveling for business, they want to feel like they're happy and satisfaction is of primary concern to a hotel business. Y...


X 1198

Luxury businesses are all about elegance and sophistication. As such, a luxury business name needs to portray those attributes and let customers know that their money will be well spent with you. People work extremely hard for their money and will only part with it when they are comfortable and ...


X 1194

Agriculture is the backbone of society; agriculture business names need to represent that dignity. At the same time, a name needs to show customers exactly what the business represents. Specificity will allow customers to create the brand recognition that is necessary to establish long-term rela...


X 1190

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. So is a mind business name. A company’s name is the first opportunity a business has to attract attention to their unique and progressive products and services. People like to be challenged and learn new things. A mind business name that speaks to that desi...


X 1183

Capital business names need to demonstrate qualities like intelligence and wit, and our names more than satisfy this criteria. Use these names to brand your business as a highly attractive option for customers looking for financial help.


X 1176

A boutique business name should contain the type of sophistication and style customers are looking for. Boutiques are generally associated with high-end lifestyles, a fact that can be exemplified in the business name. Creativity and a sense of panache are hallmarks of the industry and should be ...

health and beauty

X 1163

If you're looking for fantastic health and beauty business names, you've come to the right place. This collection will position your brand as competitive, sophisticated and elegant.


X 1149

If you're looking for fantastic one business names, you've come to the right place. This collection is crafted to convey confidence, sophistication and intelligence.


X 1133

If you're looking for fantastic mark business names, you've come to the right place. These names are designed to position your brand as intelligent, sophisticated and exceptionally attractive.


X 1106

The best list business names are classy and catchy, and those are qualities found in this collection. These names will brand your business as a headstrong and respectable organization.


X 1062

Businesses in the event marketing industry need a name that grabs people’s attention. Promoting depends on the ability to convince customers they need to attend the event you are marketing. An unimaginative and lackluster name will cause customers to associate that event with the drab and uninte...

web design

X 1059

In many respects, web design businesses hold the key to the future. As more and more of the world depend on technology, web design businesses will remain at the forefront of the industry. As such, a web design business name needs to depict the innovation and creativity on which the industry thri...


X 1058

Retail business names need to portray the identity of the company they represent. Customers need to know who and what they are working with, and a name is the first opportunity to establish that understanding. Brand identity is vital for success in an ultra-competitive environment. Don’t leave y...


X 1056

Investment business names need to tell customers that their hard earned money will be handled with the utmost respect and care. The unpredictability of the stock market has forced investors to look for alternatives avenues of investment. As such, they are looking for companies that can think out...


X 1055

Conjure images of racing sports cars and burning rubber with these powerful speed business names. Use this collection to establish your business as top-of-the-line and highly trustworthy.


X 1047

Website business names are the first opportunity companies have to make meaningful and long-standing relationships with customers. Web design is a subject many dread, so this is an excellent opportunity to paint your business as knowledgeable and serviceable. Use these names to promote an invi...


X 1036

Getting goods, services, and people from point A to point B is more necessary than ever thanks to the world’s ability to communicate and conduct business on a global scale. A company specializing in transportation needs a name that shows customers they are the kind of business that can be truste...


X 1022

Use these fly business names to position your business as attractive, reliable and secure. Whether it's luxury or security, this collection covers exactly what your target customer is looking for.


X 1017

A safety business name is the company’s first opportunity to establish a sense of trust and security. Customers rely on safety businesses to protect their most precious possessions. As such, a safety business needs to be built around a name that honors and acknowledges that important relationshi...


X 1015

Use these fantastic CRM business names to show customers your system is reliable, efficient and helpful. This collection is designed to set your brand apart from the competition in attractiveness and sophistication.


X 1013

The clothing industry is built on creativity, imagination, and innovation. Businesses with a name that portrays those traits cause customers to stop and take notice. Clothing is an extension of a person’s personality and as such, nobody is interested in the bland and unoriginal. Customers want t...


X 1010

Use these fantastic equipment business names to build a sturdy, reliable brand. This collection is designed to attract customers, and uses creativity to help you stand out from the crowd.


X 999

Evoke a strong desire for sweets with these sugary candy business names. This collection is made for businesses that specialize in the candy industry and are looking for the perfect way to demonstrate their expertise.


X 996

Sun business names need to be as bright and powerful as the category implies. Life relies on the sun for the majority of its needs. In addition, solar power is becoming an ever-popular topic, one that will continue to grow in the future. As such, a sun business name needs to reflect the inherent...


X 988

Use these fantastic roofing business names to show customers your business is reliable and efficient. This collection is creatively crafted to help your business stand out among the sea of roofing businesses in the industry,


X 973

Electricity is a vital part of functionality in today’s society. The majority of daily lives depend on the ability to flip a switch or push a button to get the juice they needed. An electrical business needs to have a name that tells customers they are there for them; that they will “keep the li...


X 957

The best lab business names reflect commitment to scientific advancement, and we have the perfect collection here. Use these names to demonstrate enthusiasm for both teaching and learning - an exciting quality for all involved.


X 954

Air business names convey all the excitement of travel adventures and exotic locations. The right name inspires wanderlust and motivates customers to explore the world. Use air names to convince your target market to get out and adventure.


X 942

Children business names capitalize on a rapidly growing trend - the youth market. Whether this means video games, mobile apps or toys, children make up a significant section of the global market. The right children-targeted business name inspires demand and intrigue.


X 934

Transportation business names need to portray your company as possessing the kind of reliance and trust customers are looking for. The relationship between transportation business and customer is one built upon a mutual dependence that transcends a typical relationship. As such, a transportation...


X 926

A couple’s wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. As such, choosing the right company name is of the utmost importance and something customers do very carefully and deliberately. A creative and personable name will help attract customers and show them that you are the company ...


X 925

Mechanical business names are usually the first chance the business has to make an impression on a customer. The best mechanical names inspire qualities like strength, efficiency and technical prowess. Use these to become instantly attractive to customers.


X 924

Nature business names need to tap into society’s concern for the welfare of our most precious natural resources. As more and more people began to focus on nature/environmental concerns, the ability of a company to attract customers will be paramount. A nature business name needs to depict an und...


X 916

If you're looking for fantastic broker business names, you've come to the right place. This collection is built to establish your brand as reliable, trustworthy and competitive.


X 913

Evoke a strong desire to shred waves with these fantastic surf business names. Use this collection to get customers excited about surfing and establish your brand as the leading enabler of that vision.


X 911

Style business names allows businesses to showcase class and a taste for great design. Use these names to show customers your business is a cut above the rest and won't settle for anything less than elegance and luxury.


X 905

Yoga business names inspire qualities like relaxation and peace. A great yoga name can attract customers without any explanation. As people increasingly look towards stress relief methods, use these names to guide them home.


X 896

Use our fantastic lifestyle business names to convey unique moods and stylistic preferences. This collection is made to show creativity and passion for every lifestyle you could imagine.


X 894

Money is the heartbeat of society; pay business names need to represent that importance. The world revolves around money. As a result, businesses in the pay industry need to show customers that they can be trusted and will do whatever is necessary to establish relationships that are mutually ben...


X 888

Use these fantastic office business names to perk your customers' interest. This collection is optimized for professionalism and sophistication, allowing you to position your business as a highly attractive option.


X 878

Décor businesses are built upon the concepts of creativity and imagination. As such, a décor business name needs to possess those characteristics as well. Customers are looking for a business that will allow them to realize their visions and create the environment they desire. You can tell them ...

Brandroot offers a lot of flexibility to business owners and individuals in need of a good business or domain name. One of the best methods we offer, though, is the ability to search by popular domain name words. Our inventory is meticulously organized so that clients can search for potential domain names by sifting through popular keywords. Every search users make on Brandroot is stored so that business owners can get a sense of how they should situate their business within the domain name world. Want to search how many times “Technology” has been searched as a keyword? Over seven thousand. What about “Entertainment?” Over three thousand. There are hundreds more categories of keywords to search through on Brandroot. Our goal is simple: find users the best possible domain name for their business possible. And this is very often achieved by allowing users to search domain names containing a particular word.

When users sort through our list of popular domain name words, they have the option of ranking names according to popularity, price in either ascending or descending format, and length. These are all very helpful tools when it comes to naming your business, as the budget and demands of every business are quite different.

Search domain names containing the word “success” and users will find thousands of domains that are perfect for evoking a feeling of achievement and happiness. Picking a name from this category will also evoke feelings of confidence about your business.

What about if you search domain names containing the word “startup?” Is anything more popular these days than startups? You would probably think that all good domain names containing this word are gone and dried up. But that is not the case. There are over four thousand domain names containing or evoking the word. That means if you’re just starting up (no pun intended) and you want to utilize this keyword, you’re not as far behind as you thought. The domain names available are all brandable and ready to go, so you can take your business to the limits of success quickly.

If you are in need of a domain name but are coming up blank after hours of brainstorming, come to Brandroot and search by popular domain name words. Keyword searching is one of the most effective methods you can take to locate the domain name that is perfect for your business.

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A catchy spin on the word "up" that promises continual improvement. Upance is a smart fit for technology or business f...



A catchy riff on the word "travel" that promises adventure and excitement. Traveta is a sleek and modern name, ideal f...



A blissful mix of "beat" and "deck". Beatdeck is a superb match for innovative music streaming apps, music production ...



A strong fusion of "token" and "laboratory". Tokenlaboratory is an exceptional match for startups building smarter sol...



A sleek and futuristic name hinting at the words "cyber" and "cypher". Cyphere is a smart fit for digitally and techno...



A confident and catchy name combining "lunch" and "boss". Lunchboss is a great fit for industry leading food suppliers...



A unique sounding name fusing "line" and "minute", suggesting precision and accuracy. Linute has excellent value for c...



An energetic mix of "vital" and "round" that's fresh and dynamic. Vitalround is a smart fit for a broad variety of fit...



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