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My team and I spent hours trying to come up with a creative, catchy name for our business, only to find that every good idea we came up with did not have a domain available. By using Brandroot, I was able to browse hundreds of names that were not only better than anything I came up with on my own but also they all had the domain available! 15 minutes on Brandroot, and I had accomplished more than I had in the previous weeks. I found a brandable company name and domain at a fair price. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I know where I will be looking first whenever I need a domain name! logo design included with business name and domain name,


After searching the web for some domain name ideas, I stumbled upon I loved how everything was setup on the website and was very easy to navigate. I sent a question with an offer in the morning and received a response within a few hours. I accepted and paid, a few hours later, I received the transfer codes, and by evening the domain had fully transferred over to my GoDaddy account. I would definitely use it again. Thanks Brandroot! logo design included with business name and domain name,


Brandroot proved to be a super seamless site for my needs and offered the most efficient way to get a naming convention for my business that I liked and was unique. I tried a multitude of brand naming sites where you put in a few hundred dollars and get back a list of names and ideas, and none proved as useful as one already at my fingertips by using Brandroot. logo design included with business name and domain name,


I was looking for some inspiration for a new company name and came across Brandroot. Immediately I was drawn to a great name and logo that I could build a brand with. After chatting with Michael, I purchased the domain name using their online facility. It was all perfect! logo design included with business name and domain name,


When I decided to launch my recruiting consultancy, I struggled to find a name that would set my company apart from the zillions of other staffing agencies. I always thought this would be an easy process, but not only did I need to get the right name, but I also needed a domain and a logo. I didn't have a lot of time, so when I found Brandroot, I was thrilled! I had my eye on a concept and Brandroot worked closely with me throughout the entire process. I had questions - lots of questions - and they promptly responded to all of my inquiries. Brandroot is a fantastic concept that is very well executed!! Thank you Brandroot! logo design included with business name and domain name,


My name is Blake Hogan, and I am the Chief Yubber at, a name the was graciously bestowed upon us by We had a lame name, and we needed something powerful enough to represent a platform dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs and allowing them to exchange goods and services to launch or grow their ventures. Brandroot took us through several branding exercises that sought to get after the root of the company and its personality. He asked questions like what kind of car is your company? And what foods does it eat? Out of those great questions came an understanding of our company persona, and then what followed was some excellent name options. When we saw HubYub, we knew it was perfect for us. We have developed a language around it, and it has provided the fun brand we need to launch a great venture. I would recommend Brandroot and its team for any company that needs a little personality.

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