Tablite logo design included with business name and domain name, Tablite.com.


Like all great service companies, Brandroot solves a real problem, it bypasses the endless hassle of finding, buying and registering a domain name! The process couldn't have been simpler or quicker. Our experience was smooth and pleasant. We will certainly deal with them again in the future. This is your one stop shop for the most unique domain names the Internet has to offer! Very happy to have found Brandroot.

Nirvanza logo design included with business name and domain name, Nirvanza.com.


Michael and his team at Brandroot provided an outstanding domain and logo for my business! I had an excellent experience working with them. They were very prompt in responding to my needs and handled all my questions and concerns with absolute professionalism. I am thankful to have them as a partner in building my brand and look forward to working with them in the future. Thanks again guys, Johnny.

Brilion logo design included with business name and domain name, Brilion.com.


I spent 3 weeks searching for the right name for my new company, which was a very tough and impracticable job. That is until I found Brandroot. The job turned into a very quick and clean process and was completed on the same day that I found them.Michael, my customer service rep, provided amazing customer service. I am not a tech savvy person so he walked me through the entire domain transfer process over the phone and through email and was there whenever I needed him. Brandroot, as well as their customer service, is totally trustworthy, responsive and thorough! Finding the right name and going through the process of transferring is not an easy thing for new business owners. Work with Brandroot! They will take care of you!

Huxo logo design included with business name and domain name, Huxo.com.


I was aware of Brandroot for a while, and I always knew that this was the right marketplace to find a new brand name for my next project. Branding, the most important element of any company, is also the most valuable part in building something great. I approached Brandroot because I had seen the names they offered and I knew that there were a variety of names that I could choose from. The result was better than I expected. But the one thing I liked most was their support, which was understanding, helpful, and most importantly, timesaving! The whole process took less than a day and the transfer was instantaneously. Having a great name is to my great advantage. I would recommend Brandroot for any company who wants to have a great name that is memorable, and impressing! And you can’t go wrong with their support crew! Super friendly, smart, patient and informative!

Insurian logo design included with business name and domain name, Insurian.com.


When I decided to start my own business I was struggling with a company name and a domain name that would capture what I wanted to be seen and remembered as. I would come up with a name but the domains were never available. I was going back and forth with the expense to have an advertising agency design something, but then I discovered Brandroot! My wife and I looked at the site daily for about a week and then found a great name and logo - This is truly one stop shopping. They made every part of the process so easy and their follow-up is amazing! I will definitely use Brandroot again in the future when I start other businesses and would certainly recommend them to any individual or company.

Ento logo design included with business name and domain name, Ento.com.


Like anyone, I am very cautious about making large transactions online, but Brandroot’s great customer service and prompt communication put me at ease right away. Not to mention that finding the name for my business was fun and fast. The transaction was painless and quick and had me feeling great that I had my own premium, 4-letter domain name! I won’t just recommend Brandroot, I’ll brag about how great their organization is. I wish the best to you guys and hope to do business again with you soon! Thanks again!

Voab logo design included with business name and domain name, Voab.com.


I am beyond picky when it comes to selecting a brand name for my companies. After weeks of searching for a short and creative name, I struck gold when I found Brandroot. I inquired on a name that caught my eye and heard back from them within minutes. Customer service is a huge pet peeve of mine, but Brandroot made the whole experience effortless. We were able to complete the transaction within hours and I couldn't be happier. I definitely look forward to working with them again.

Techsquid logo design included with business name and domain name, Techsquid.com.


We had been looking for a brand for a new line of products we were adding to our DiscountElectronics.com retail stores and website. One of my employees suggested I take a look at Brandroot. I was surprised at how affordable the URLs were. I picked 6, sent them out to 20 of our managers and employees to vote on. 15 minutes after the decision was made the URL was in my account. These folks are fast, affordable and helpful!

Zonepath logo design included with business name and domain name, Zonepath.com.


The keys to all great businesses include professional Service, Products that are significantly better, Passion, Delivery and Ownership. The team at Brandroot deliver on all fronts. Sourcing appropriate Domains names to secure and enhance your Company and Products can be one of life’s great frustrations. My experience with Michael and the Brandroot team has been exceptional… Through Brandroot we found a great name that we can build on to compliment and be the lead on a range of new products that we have developed. The transaction was smooth and professional…. Easily the best Domain purchase experience.

Liongrub logo design included with business name and domain name, Liongrub.com.


“Brandroot met our needs timely and expertly. We had struggled searching for the perfect domain name after having lost a battle for a domain name via trademark dispute. Having both an excellent selection of unique names and brand logos was a great find for us. We were also able to find a logo that wasn’t saturated with confusion for social media, trademarking, and other avenues. The customer service at Brandroot was also outstanding. We were in the middle of waiting for a business loan approval, and the Brandroot team was kind enough to hold our logo for much longer than we had anticipated. Clear and concise communication, smooth transactions, and the extended warmth of the customer service team were clear highlights. I would gladly recommend Brandroot to my friends and business contacts when they are in the market for domains and brands.“

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