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Wednesday, 11 January 2017 9:59

Begin 2017 by learning from 2016

By - Michael Rader

As we at Brandroot usher in a new year, we thought it would be both fun and prudent to revisit companies that purchased names from our marketplace in 2016. Companies that have enjoyed success can often be looked upon as models. If our names have worked for them, they can surely work for anyone considering a launch in 2017.

The following companies are just a few that have taken a moniker found on our site. There are many more where these came from, but this list can give you an idea of what naming strategies have worked in the recent past.


With a focus on authentic and unadulterated products and a commitment to nature, the company chose a name that exemplifies the essence of their vision. Although Naturevana’s website is still under construction, the foundation has been laid. The company’s motto is: “We strive to provide the highest quality coffee and espressos from around the world while being ethically sourced and providing fair wages to the growers. We are proud to offer premium high-altitude coffees and espressos straight from the Himalayas!”



By choosing a name based on the concept of creating, Ignitar has set itself up as a company able to produce explosive results. Their company vision is that they are, “an experienced sap business one infrastructure provider, delivering cutting edge solutions to companies across the world.” The company prides itself on being technology consultants and understanding how we can best leverage our technologies to give our customers a competitive advantage.



A business name based on the word “ascend” has the persona of one with the ability to create or motivate growth or progression. Ascentro’s primary objective is to grow and build great companies. Per their website, “We deliver innovative solutions, that unlock value and propel growth. We invest in great companies and back inspirational business leaders that will drive future prosperity.”



A small, family-owned company based on the concepts of love and attention, Luvao has set itself up as a trustworthy and honest business.Their mission is to make every-day life easier for you and your family, and their promise is to provide only the most durable, dependable and affordable products.



A very straightforward yet confident name based on the combination of “travel” and “intelligent,” Travigent has quickly established itself as a top travel agency in Texas.



A naming stemming from the word "vivid" and originating from the Latin "vividae," meaning: lively, colorful, joyful, bright, splendid. Vivobo sells athletic apparel for those who like to stand out from the crowd. Their motto is: No matter your sport, your size or shape, in a world of boring black and solids colors, Be Fit - Be Bold - Be You.”



Sometimes a business finds a name and sometimes a name finds them. Soulvibe is a company dedicating to helping people “nourish their souls and raise their vibes.” The company describes its focus as a “global awakening that is happening right now. This is the shift from false ideas about yourself and the world to a collective intelligence that both scientific and experiential as we all share similarities in our human experience.”



Sometimes a direct message is the most appropriate. Kickseo is a company dedicating to helping customers boost exposure and increase revenue. The company’s tagline is simple: “Kick the competition.”



Some business names have an aura of sophistication and excellence. Pytheus cybersecurity consulting is one of those companies. Pytheus helps customers mitigate risk concerns at all levels of the organization in cloud-based and networked product deployments.



Choosing a name that conjures up images of speed and strength can give your company a head start when it comes to customer recognition and recall. AmpJet is a company that has taken advantage of simple words that are anything but. The company marks the next generation of ground power units, setting a new industry standard in power, design and ease of use.



Money is a universal constant and a name based on money will immediately strike a chord. Monily was founded on the principle that its team of world-class finance & accounting professionals can help businesses grow their market, their revenue streams, and their profitability. With its finance & accounting solutions, Monily can bring transformative results to your business.



An intelligent name based on “mobile” and “logic,” Moblogic is a technology company located in Dubai. The company “is passionate about finding solutions for the mobile and retail industries.”



A self-described holiday home connection, Days Away has one purpose: to put customers in touch with holiday home operators. A company with a simple and straightforward name, Days Away prides itself on its transparency.



A company with a fun and whimsical name, Chefzy provides innovative kitchen tools and utensils which make cooking and food preparation easier for everyone. By choosing a name like this, Chefzy has set itself up as an entertaining and enjoyable company that can be trusted and appreciated.



Sometimes an intriguing name can give a company the persona they are looking for. Zerado is the Portuguese word for "reset," and this company’s stated purpose is to "reset" legacy business processes and infrastructure using the latest in blockchain, cloud, and cryptographic technologies. The company aims, “to fix problems within existing architectures, whilst also creating new types of customer value propositions, reducing societal risk, and improving the alignment of incentives.”



AutoMobia combines leaders from the automobile and tech industries and was developed to provide affordable, cutting edge technology for the automobile industry. Using software integration and leveraging new technologies, the company promises to help customers cut operating costs and eliminate inefficient processes.



Yippr is an entertaining and imaginative name that is perfect for a company that promises to help you spoil and care for your pet. Yippr Pet Supplies promises to provide first-rate customer service, quality pet supplies, and a premium line of products for your pampered pet.



Snappy and memorable names can help a company set itself apart from the rest of the industry. Zibbix specializes in engine management and powertrain sensors for a wide variety of engines,systems, and vehicles. Their engine management sensors are designed to be rugged and durable. Thus, only a strong name would be appropriate for this company.



Tapmedic is a global provider of high-quality healthcare and patient devices with a broad range of products used for rapid infusion, NIBP diagnostics, and recovery therapy. The company’s products focus on quality, innovation, and outstanding customer service.



Some companies are built upon the precepts of luxury and sophistication. Thus, their name must be an extension of that persona. The Luxiero Real Estate Brokers vision is to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards in the real estate industry while establishing the company as the leading real estate consultant company in their market area.



Zenviron is a full-service balance-of-plant contractor providing engineering, procurement, and construction services to the renewable energy sector in Australia and New Zealand.



Aromatyx advertises itself as providing end-to-end aromatic solutions for business. The company helps businesses “improve their brand identity, marketing campaigns, and customer experience using the sense of smell.”



Mentisa provides meeting, event, and team facilitation services to senior leadership teams, project teams, cross functional working groups, conferencing and business teams to ensure alignment, agree frameworks to deliver objectives, and allow teams to function productively.



Cloudsa (Cloud Security Advisors) provide top level cloud security. Per their website, Cloudsa “goes beyond standard best practices and seeks to understand how attackers are exploiting cloud specific features and then implements counter-measures against those threats.”



A company with a straightforward and intelligent name, Code Engine builds, deploys, and manages multi-platform IT solutions.

Last modified on Monday, 16 January 2017 7:27

Michael Rader

With over ten years in web development and design, Michael Rader has expertise and technical know-how. But more than a skilled technician, he is an entrepreneur and innovator who helps startup’s and new businesses identify and define their future with a unique, brandable business name. Michael Rader is the founder and CEO of Brandroot®, a leading .com domain name marketplace. He currently lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii where he operates the business and authors a blog dedicated to naming and brand name establishment.