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Monday, 08 December 2014 8:57

The Elements of Building a Brand

By - Michael Rader

Think of the following elements as part of a puzzle. One piece cannot create a picture any more than another. It takes a combination of parts to realize the goal of finishing the image. The same concept applies to your business. One element alone will not guarantee the entrance into the market that you desire. A combination, however, will get you where you want to be.

Brand name – The most important part of your business is its name. Brandroot has a plethora of creative and unique names that appeal to a wide variety of audiences and industries. Browse through our categories and you are sure to find one that meets your business needs.

Logo – Your business logo is the visual representation of your company. An innovative and memorable logo will imprint itself on the minds of your customers. Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t know what company the golden arches represents?  Once again, Brandroot can help in this area. All of our names come with a personally designed logo that you can use to immediately begin building your brand. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can leave our site with the first two elements of branding in hand.

Brand slogan – Your brand slogan will be the part of your identity that sticks with customers and creates market recognition. Some of the most famous and successful companies in history are known as much for their slogan as their name itself. Consider the following slogans. Do they instantly lead to an association with a certain business? If yes, that slogan has completed its ultimate goal.

  • Nike - Just do it
  • Capital One - What’s in your wallet?
  • Burger King - Have it your way
  • Bounty - The quicker picker-upper
  • Wheaties - The breakfast of champions
  • Rice Krispies - Snap! Crackle! Pop!
  • Meow Mix - Tastes so good cats ask for it by name
  • KFC - Finger lickin’ good

What do all of these slogans have in common? They all create instant brand recognition for customers. When creating a slogan for your company, consider the following tips:

  • Make your slogan easily repeated to make it memorable. Have you ever had a slogan stuck in your head for hours at a time? That type of repetition leads to recognition.
  • Make it short. The average person is bombarded with thousands of images and sounds a day. Making your slogan short (think “Just do it”) will aid in memory and recall.
  • Convey a sense of uniqueness and differentiation. The last thing you want is a name or slogan that is easily confused with another company in the same industry. Make sure you stand out from your competition.
  • Reflect on your business identity and character. Burger King’s “Have it your way” is their commitment to the customer. Providing customers with the autonomy necessary to express their needs and desires is an important part of a business’ identity. Consider what kind of promise you are making to your customers. How can your slogan convey that sentiment?

Tone – Just as in regular speech, your brand’s tone is important. You want to be perceived as trustworthy, competent, uplifting, and progressive. The tone of your brand name and slogan can create these feelings in your customers. Say your business name and slogan out loud. What does it sound like? What is it saying to your target market?

Consistency – The final element of branding your company is consistency. Make sure your name, logo, slogan, and tone are consistent across your company. Advertising, promotions, your internet presence, etc. all need to send the same message to your customers. Inconsistency will shroud your company with the perception that you don’t know what you are doing. Nothing spells doom faster than a target market that has lost faith in a company.

Creating a brand for your business does not have to be an overwhelming undertaking, especially when you take advantage of all that we offer. Brandroot’s names and logos have been painstakingly developed to help you kick start the branding process. By utilizing our marketplace, you can ensure that your company starts out strong. You have put your heart and soul into your business. Don’t let branding mistakes lead to failure. This is your vision. Create it.

Last modified on Monday, 08 December 2014 9:15

Michael Rader

With over ten years in web development and design, Michael Rader has expertise and technical know-how. But more than a skilled technician, he is an entrepreneur and innovator who helps startup’s and new businesses identify and define their future with a unique, brandable business name. Michael Rader is the founder and CEO of Brandroot®, a leading .com domain name marketplace. He currently lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii where he operates the business and authors a blog dedicated to naming and brand name establishment.