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Friday, 13 December 2013 12:30

Buy With Confidence: Brandroot Is Now Accepting Bitcoins

By - Michael Rader

What Are Bitcoins?

A few years ago in 2009, a new online payment network was introduced which used cryptography for ensuring data and transactions stayed secure. Today, the “Bitcoin” is used successfully as digital cash all over the world giving consumers everywhere access to products and services they might otherwise have difficulty obtaining. Worldwide businesses like WordPress, Reddit, even the Chinese Web services company Baidu use Bitcoins. They’re not exchanged through a government or a bank, but are simply stored in a virtual wallet and converted into cash. In August of 2013, the value of all Bitcoins combined exceeded $1.5 billion dollars.

Are There Any Advantages to Using Bitcoins?

Millions of dollars in Bitcoins are exchanged daily and it’s easy to see why. They’re easy to use and a transaction can take place virtually anywhere, from a home based computer to a Smartphone. For consumers looking to make quick, secure purchases, Bitcoins make sense. In most cases, it’s as simple as entering the recipients address, payment amount and hitting send. That’s payment freedom from anywhere in the world. And when bank holidays, border restrictions or barriers prevent you from buying what you want, Bitcoin is the perfect solution.

Bringing Convenience and Safety to Consumers Worldwide

Brandroot offers names on a global scale and we think it is important to provide customers with multiple options to purchase a domain name. In some countries, it can be difficult to make credit card purchases and Bitcoins offers faster transfers to buyers. Brandroot is pleased to provide a safe, secure method of buying that many online businesses simply cannot offer.

Bitcoin users who purchase a unique name from Brandroot have complete control of their financial information, meaning they can make a transaction without disclosing any personal information. A safe, secure and completely anonymous payment option, using Bitcoins to buy the perfect business name reduces identify theft and gives consumers peace of mind with a smart, strategic alternative.

In many ways, your business name is as important as the quality of products or services you provide. It’s a reflection of who you are and your chance to make a great first impression - it simply needs to be great. Don’t let inconvenience or a lack of security prevent you from buying the perfect domain name. Consider Brandroot and let Bitcoins give you the peace of mind and security you deserve.

Last modified on Friday, 13 December 2013 12:38

Michael Rader

With over ten years in web development and design, Michael Rader has expertise and technical know-how. But more than a skilled technician, he is an entrepreneur and innovator who helps startup’s and new businesses identify and define their future with a unique, brandable business name. Michael Rader is the founder and CEO of Brandroot®, a leading .com domain name marketplace. He currently lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii where he operates the business and authors a blog dedicated to naming and brand name establishment.