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Monday, 11 March 2019 4:05

What Is the Purpose of Your Brand?

By - Michael Rader

One of the big questions you should ask yourself when creating a brand - why should people choose you? What is it that makes you special? Why should consumers even consider buying your products or services? What is the purpose of your brand? What do you have to offer that is different from all your competitors?

The purpose of your brand is basically the essence of your company. It describes what you do, why you do it and how you believe you will stand out from the rest. There will always be competition; there is no way for you to avoid that. The only way you can truly become successful is by providing your customers with something that will convince them that you are the leader of the pack, so to speak. And this is where your branding can make a huge impact.

Being clear about your purpose: brand positioning

Your purpose fuels the way you position your brand in the current market. Brand positioning is something that can be described as the amount of space your brand occupies in the minds of your consumers and how they perceive you. Especially in relation to the amount of space your competitors have managed to obtain. It’s also about securing and protecting that brand position. You can view this in a sort of primal way; like animals over their territory.

Luckily there is a more civilized approach to marking your territory than peeing on the nearest tree to your customer’s house. You will have to convince your prospective clients by addressing their unmet needs in a way that will show them the benefits of choosing your brand over other options. So how do you manage this? How does your brand address your clients’ needs in a way no one else can?

The art of standing out: 5 questions to ask yourself

1) Who exactly do you want to reach with your brand?

2) How does your brand benefit consumers from an emotional and practical perspective?

3) How does your brand solve certain problems your clients may be faced with?

4) Why is the way your brand solves these issues better than other solutions currently on the market?

5) What is the end result that will cause consumes to choose your product or service?

You win by offering both practical and emotional benefits

Your company needs to be able to address more than just a single problem in order to make a lasting impression or position. You probably won’t win by solely offering practical, banal results. You will need to establish an emotional dialogue with your audience, convincing them of your leadership in the market and knowledge of your niche. Brand positioning is the trick that will combine your brand’s purpose with the reason your clients need this solution in the first place. It helps you offer tangible results in a way that will make these results seem almost magically effortless to your audience. By rendering this complete image, your target audience will feel a large enough amount of faith in your brand that will set you apart from the rest in an instant.

Last modified on Friday, 15 March 2019 10:51

Michael Rader

With over ten years in web development and design, Michael Rader has expertise and technical know-how. But more than a skilled technician, he is an entrepreneur and innovator who helps startup’s and new businesses identify and define their future with a unique, brandable business name. Michael Rader is the founder and CEO of Brandroot®, a leading .com domain name marketplace. He currently lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii where he operates the business and authors a blog dedicated to naming and brand name establishment.