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Saturday, 22 September 2018 1:39

This Toxic Mindset is Holding Your Brand Back | Here's How to Fix

By - Michael Rader

As an entrepreneur, constantly improving your products, services, website, brand image and more is simply a reality of the business. If you aren’t looking for ways to sharpen and remold your company into a better version of itself on a consistent basis, then you’ll likely fall behind your competitors quickly. That being said, the approach that many entrepreneurs and working professionals are taking when it comes to improving their business is fundamentally flawed in a number of ways.

For many brands, when speaking about improvements, they approach the topic with a mindset to simply improve the previous version of that particular piece of their business as opposed to going the extra mile. In short, it’s toxic to use the phrase, “it’s better than the previous one” in business. Instead, replace this verbiage and mindset with, “it’s the very best we can do” when it comes to improvements. If you do not, then you and your team will be cheating itself out of reaching your pinnacle of success. Additionally, by only using the previous version as the measuring stick of success, you will also be cheating the customer out of a better, more refined version of that product, service or asset.

Here are the primary reasons why this principle is so important in business along with how you can get there. Let’s dive in.

Perception is Reality

By constantly providing your customers with the best possible service and experience, you’ll be instilling confidence in your customers that your company has their best interest at heart. This will also help establish your brand as trustworthy.

If you only want your next feature to be better than the previous version, your customers will eventually become aware of this lackluster mentality. In the competitive marketplace we live in today, perception is reality, and any sign that you aren’t putting your full effort into your company’s output will turn off both current and prospective customers. At every touch-point, your brand needs to “wow” your customers.

It Subconsciously Limits Your Potential

If your mindset is focused only on improving the previous version of a product or service as opposed to giving it your full attention, this will subconsciously be limiting the potential for you and your team members.

In order to reach all you can as a company, you need to look outside of your office walls and out into the world. In a global marketplace, improving on a previous version of your products or service simply won’t cut it. By putting your best effort into a project as opposed to just improving a previous version, you’ll be better positioning your company, and the mindset of your employees and colleagues relative to the rest of the marketplace.

How To Realign Your Company Culture

Sometimes it’s the team members themselves who limit the company as opposed to external forces. Whether this is caused by a low point in the performance of your business, a top-down hiccup in team morale or simply a bad hire, a negative mindset will hold your company back. When times like these arise, as an entrepreneur, it’s a great learning opportunity for the collective benefit of the company.

Take the mindset laid out in this article and instill it in your employees. This can be done by calling a team meeting to discuss the shift, leaving subtle reminders around the office about the switch or something else entirely. The most important thing though is to remember that it all starts with you as the entrepreneur and leader. Without you adopting this frame of mind, it’s unlikely anyone else will.

Be Proactive When Hiring Talent

In order to ensure that a perfectionist’s mindset sweeps throughout your organization, you’ll need to be proactive through hiring individuals who embody these principles. Without the right members making up your team, it will be difficult to establish this ethos into your company culture.

No matter what your core values are at your company, it’s critical to find tactical ways to scan and vet for these attributes throughout your interview process. This way, you’ll minimize the chances of a new hire not being on-board with your company culture.

As an entrepreneur or working professional, the phrase “it’s better than it was” should never be one we say or take to heart. Whether related to improving our product, our brand, our company’s image, our logo or something else entirely, this mindset is likely to hold your brand back from a multitude of unknown rewards. Instead, begin to adopt the frame of mind to use the phrase, “that’s the best I can do”. By doing so, day in and day out, you will increase the chances of your company becoming memorable, an industry leader or, perhaps, even iconic in your respective niche. The best time to get started is now.

Last modified on Wednesday, 17 October 2018 11:47

Michael Rader

With over ten years in web development and design, Michael Rader has expertise and technical know-how. But more than a skilled technician, he is an entrepreneur and innovator who helps startup’s and new businesses identify and define their future with a unique, brandable business name. Michael Rader is the founder and CEO of Brandroot®, a leading .com domain name marketplace. He currently lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii where he operates the business and authors a blog dedicated to naming and brand name establishment.